SaaS Agreements

Safeguard your business’ integral processes and data by undergoing a comprehensive legal review of your SaaS agreement.

SaaS agreements can offer exceptional value for money but only if the terms provide adequate protection for your business and your data. Customer protection is often overlooked in the provider’s standard terms and conditions, but we can help you ensure that your needs are catered for.

Protect and maximise the cost-benefits of SaaS agreements

Our team of IT and commercial technology solicitors can support you with:

  • Advice on the protection your business requires in relation to SaaS services.
  • Consideration of the jurisdiction and governing law clauses where there is a cross-border relationship between your business and the provider.
  • Data protection concerns and queries.
  • Discussion of the options available to your business to determine whether a SaaS package is the optimum arrangement for your needs.
  • Due diligence in connection with the SaaS provider and the services offered.
  • Fee structure in respect of the SaaS services.
  • Intellectual property issues that may arise in respect of the services provided.
  • Licensing requirements, including software licences and content licences.
  • Market practice to enable you to determine your negotiating position.
  • Negotiation of the terms of the SaaS agreement to provide you with the necessary protections.
  • Reducing the risks associated with SaaS arrangements, including data loss, data protection breaches, increased fees, and liability issues.
  • Review of SaaS agreements and related documentation ensuring that you are fully aware of the terms and their effects.
  • Risk analysis allowing you to make reasoned decisions about the issues which matter to your business.
  • Security issues whether these relate to IT security, physical security, data security or the provider’s personnel.
  • Technical and practical tips to ensure that your business enters into the most beneficial and reliable SaaS agreement.
  • Tender processes reviewing the terms of each SaaS provider.
  • Terminating a SaaS agreement.

What our clients say

We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent service for clients, but don’t just take our word for it.

Essential elements of a SaaS agreement to consider:

With excellent cost-benefit potential, SaaS agreements can help to streamline your standard business processes without the complexities of entering into individual software agreements. Using standard software and the software provider’s own terms and conditions can incur risk and potentially off-set the benefits. So, we’ll help you answer the following questions ahead of signing on the dotted line so that you can get what you really need from the contract.

  • What are the main contractual concerns for your business?
  • What does the fee cover, for example, are there limits on user numbers or storage capability? Will the provider assist with configuration and ongoing support, and will the price increase in the future?
  • How will business critical systems be protected?
  • How can the SaaS contract be terminated? What are the transition arrangements following termination?
  • What are the agreed service levels?
  • What remedies are there if there is a service failure or the service levels are not met?
  • Are appropriate IP indemnities in place?
  • What data protection processes does the provider have in place?
  • What are the risks of data loss? Does the provider have appropriate recovery or back-up plans in place?
  • Can the provider use your data for certain purposes?
  • Is the provider able to delete your data for any reason? What protections are in place to prevent this or to notify you?
  • Where is the provider based? Are there governing law and jurisdiction issues under the contract?
  • Are the arrangements compliant with legislation, both domestic and overseas?
  • Has the provider limited its liability in any way?

Benefits of a carefully reviewed SaaS agreement

Investing in legal advice at the start of the process will provide protection for your data and your business and reduce the possibility of time-consuming and costly disputes in the future. It’s easier to negotiate additional protections at the start of a relationship rather than later on, when the documentation has already been signed.

Undertaking careful review and consideration of the various SaaS providers available and their terms will ensure that you enter into a relationship with a SaaS provider that is right for your business.

Generic business processes, such as payroll, HR, and accounting, can be provided with tried and tested software resulting in reliability and consistency.

Using software pursuant to a SaaS arrangement can be much cheaper than other options and once the arrangements have been agreed, the systems can be put in place quickly and easily.

Who we help: National businesses across numerous sectors

We support a wide range of UK-based clients, from start-ups, through to SMEs and large multi-nationals across many sectors. We have many IT and e-commerce sector clients and so fully understand the nature of IT businesses, enabling us to offer you pragmatic and sector-specific advice on your IT contracts.

Why choose Harper James Solicitors?

We can support you with all of your SaaS arrangements from choosing the best provider for your needs and negotiation of the material terms and protections through to termination of the relationship. Our specialist IT and commercial technology solicitors can guide you through this complex area, ensuring that your business and data are adequately protected. Our IT and commercial technology solicitors are all specialists within the industry, as well as having expertise in other commercial areas, ensuring that a seamless service is provided, regardless of your sector and business.

We’ll also look beyond your initial requirements on negotiating a SaaS contract. In fact, the team at Harper James can provide your business with all the legal support you may need to progress, from drafting vital commercial contracts, to providing GDPR training for your data protection officer, advising you on the right employee incentive plans for your team, and much more. We take a wider view of your business to make sure you have the legal support in place to succeed, whatever the sector, and whatever level of assistance you may need.

Get to know the team in more detail:

Pricing plans

Our three transparent pricing packages are designed to give you the widest possible access to high-quality legal advice, whatever the size and nature of your business:


Straightforward access to senior solicitors at a competitive rate.

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Have legal peace of mind for £189 per month with additional support from £125 per hour.

A monthly subscription legal support package specifically designed for start-ups and smaller businesses.


Providing you with priority access to a dedicated panel of highly experienced solicitors.

Fully account managed quarterly subscription service for businesses with more complex legal needs.

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