Reduce the chance of cyber criminals attacking your organisation and minimise the impact of a breach with advice from our cybersecurity specialists.

Following a cyber-attack your business may be liable in damages to all affected individuals. You could also face stiff regulatory sanctions and your commercial reputation may suffer. Our cybersecurity solicitors will help you prevent that.

We provide expert advice on the law and bespoke guidance on how to protect your electronically stored data and communication networks from cyber criminals. By incorporating best practice risk management protocols across your organisation, our goal is to reduce the chances of attack. And if there is a cyber breach, our incident response plans can help minimise the fallout.

Cybersecurity management: Reduce risk and protect your business

Our increasing commercial reliance on cloud-based services and mass data storage solutions means cybersecurity threats from a variety of sources are on the rise. As cyber criminals become more sophisticated in their methods, businesses cannot afford to ignore the risk of a cyber-attack. So, it may be reassuring to know that many cyber-attacks are opportunistic and can be foiled by implementing relatively simple security measures.

We work with businesses across a range of sectors to help them develop an appropriate cybersecurity strategy and manage the risk of cyber-attacks in a proportionate and practical manner. Our work involves:

  • Assessing risk to your business based on the sector you work in, the size of your business and the nature of the information you hold.
  • Examining the data you hold to ensure you are following GDPR guidance on data retention.
  • Undertaking full data audits and disposing of unnecessary data. These audits should be carried out at regular intervals as part of your overall risk management policy.
  • Advising on employment practices to ensure you make adequate security checks on staff.
  • Providing comprehensive data protection and cybersecurity training to staff.
  • Producing protocols for use when engaging with third parties to ensure their systems are data and cyber secure.
  • Advising on measures to increase cyber resilience, including advice on use of shared computers, use of encryption, ensuring software is regularly updated and portable devices are handled securely.
  • Ensuring you are compliant with any relevant cybersecurity laws and regulations.
  • Creating incident response plans that can be activated quickly in the event of a breach.
  • Notifying relevant parties in the event of a cyber breach, including the Information Commissioner.

What our clients say

We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent service for clients, but don’t just take our word for it.

What are the benefits of getting legal advice on cybersecurity?

There’s no standardised approach to cybersecurity. To properly manage the risk to your company you need to consider your own situation. What software do you use? How do you manage staff access to data? What training is in place? What opportunities do your IT systems and processes present to hackers? Legal advice from specialist cybersecurity solicitors that focuses on your requirements can quickly identify flaws and examine how risk can be removed or reduced.

Cybercrime poses significant risks not just to individual businesses but also to the economy and infrastructure of the country generally. Unsurprisingly there is now an array of rules and regulations designed to increase cybersecurity. UK companies must comply with the rules relevant to them. Legislation includes the Communications Act, GDPR, the Data Protection Act, the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations and the Computer Misuse Act. Our data protection solicitors can help ensure compliance with these rules, reducing the risk of sanction and any resulting disruption to your business.

If a cyber attack results in any significant data breach it will lead to the involvement of the Information Commissioner and any individuals affected may sue you in the civil courts. In all instances being able to demonstrate that you took all appropriate steps to reduce or remove the threat of cybercrime to your business, including investing in specialist legal advice – is an effective way to help lessen any penalty you might face. For example, evidence of good data governance and staff training that we help implement as part of our service demonstrates a willingness to comply with the rules. It’s proof that you are a responsible business that takes the threat of cybercrime seriously and its implications for private data seriously.

Who we help: Businesses seeking to manage the risk of cyber attack

The risk of cyber attack is real. It can affect businesses of all sizes across all sectors. Our team works closely with businesses to reduce risk in a number of ways – from guidance on simple steps individual employees can take to make their working practices more secure, to large- scale data audits and company wide specialist cybersecurity training. We identify the weak links in your data management systems, helping you rectify them and giving you and your staff the confidence to concentrate on your core business, in as safe and secure an environment as possible.

Why choose Harper James Solicitors?

Our specialist team of solicitors provides bespoke advice on all areas of data protection and cyber security law. Based on our experience we can help you minimise the threat of cyber- attack, respond rapidly to cyber incidents and advise you on the merits of any claims you may face from individuals. Our knowledge of the ICO and other relevant institutions means we are also in a position to provide realistic guidance on any regulatory intervention you may face.

Beyond your cybersecurity strategy, we can also provide you with a host of integrated legal services for your business. Whether you need help reviewing the terms of a SaaS agreement, or legal advice on a dispute, our integrated team of experienced solicitors can support your business, no matter the commercial legal requirement.

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Fully account managed quarterly subscription service for businesses with more complex legal needs.

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