Alternative Dispute Resolution

Service overview: ADR solicitors

Our business disputes solicitors place a premium on helping clients settle disputes through ADR because it’s usually much more cost-effective than litigation. It’s also flexible, time saving and confidential. Importantly too, it often helps businesses maintain key commercial relationships following a dispute.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) means exploring ways to resolve a commercial dispute without going to court.
  • ADR has considerable commercial advantages. Our solicitors always encourage business clients to consider ADR before launching court action.
  • In many cases it will be a legal requirement to attempt ADR before beginning court action.
  • We work with established medium to large businesses as well as start-ups, small and venture-backed businesses that face a wide range of commercial disputes.
  • ADR doesn’t mean backing down when you have a strong claim. Instead it’s about finding the right way to reach a solution without taking on all the commercial risk of litigation.
  • Not every form of ADR will be the right fit for you. Our ADR lawyers have the experience to advise you on which form of ADR is the most appropriate for your business and for the particular dispute you are involved in.
  • You’ll find more information about ADR and what it involves on the Business Disputes section of our Advice Centre

What we do: alternative dispute resolution solicitors

We advise businesses across a range of sectors on all types of ADR. We use the various dispute resolution procedures available to help clients put commercial disputes behind them in a pragmatic and efficient manner. Briefly, ADR encompasses:

  • Negotiation – Straightforward discussions, held on the basis that whatever is said in negotiations can’t later be used in court by one side against the other (‘without prejudice’), can often lead to agreement, avoiding the need for court action or other form of dispute resolution.
  • Adjudication – Commonly used to resolve disputes in the construction industry, adjudication allows parties to find a quick solution (usually within 28 days) to an issue that is disrupting a live project such as a building development. The decision of the adjudicator is binding and enables commercial projects to continue without the distraction of the dispute. But the decision may be later challenged through arbitration or court proceedings.
  • Mediation – Voluntary commercial mediation allows parties in dispute to discuss issues before an independent mediator and to try to negotiate a settlement.
  • Early neutral evaluation – Involves an independent expert, often a retired judge, making an objective assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each side’s case. The evaluation can’t be used in any future court case. Instead, because it gives each side a realistic idea of how they may fare in any litigation, the assessment is used to encourage settlement.
  • Expert determination – This form of ADR is useful when the dispute centres on a highly technical issue such as a market valuation of a particular type of property. An independent expert reaches a decision on the issue and this is binding on the parties.

You can find out more details of the various ADR methods we regularly use in our Advice Centre.

And, if ADR isn’t suitable for your business dispute, or an agreement can’t be reached through these methods, you can also use our arbitration and litigation services.

Who we help: SMEs, start-ups and venture-backed enterprises

Our clients range from large, established companies to small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and investment-backed businesses. They are drawn from a range of industry sectors, including technology, retail, manufacturing and the public sector.

We mentioned above that sometimes businesses are legally obliged to attempt some form of ADR before beginning court proceedings. Even when it’s not a legal requirement, courts encourage parties to try ADR. Ultimately a judge has the power to sanction a party that refuses to engage in ADR with a negative cost order if the matter does result in fully-fledged litigation.

As a result we will always explain the benefits of ADR to our clients and encourage its use. We’ll look carefully at your position and what your expectations are before advising you on the most appropriate form of ADR.

Why use our alternative dispute resolution solicitors?

Our commercial ADR solicitors combine technical legal knowledge with the tactical understanding that’s essential to get the best results from ADR. Each member of the team has worked at a senior level within UK top 100 law firms, or in-house for international corporations. We are confident that the service we offer to businesses involved in commercial disputes and who wish to avoid court is among the best out there.

Find out more about our ADR solicitors here:

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