We’re a truly different law firm, with a unique model

and an innovative way of practising.

About Us

Harper James Solicitors is a commercial law firm like no other. We provide expert business legal services from partner level lawyers, but at affordable prices for startups, SMEs and other businesses.

Meet the team

Key Facts

  • We’re a full service, remote operating, commercial law firm
  • The majority of our lawyers have previously worked for a top 100 UK law firm or in-house at large international businesses
  • Our business model is based around clients paying a small monthly amount to us via direct debit. This model is sustained due to our low overheads and the fact that most of our lawyers work remotely
  • We have a head office located in Sheffield – though we advise clients in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cambridge and across the UK
  • We focus on providing clients with high quality legal support and advice while using the most advanced and cost-effective technology available
  • Our access to meeting rooms in every key financial business centre in the UK means we’re always happy to visit you wherever you are, or at your office if you prefer

Why We’re Different

Harper James is leading innovation in the legal services sector by adopting a pioneering model that allows us to provide a flexible and easily accessible legal service for our clients, delivered by partner level lawyers.

Our charges are also significantly lower than other law firms, while providing a comparable service.

We achieve this by:

  • Keeping our overheads to a minimum
  • Offering our significantly discounted rates to clients on our Enterprise service plan who pay us a small monthly fee to contribute to those overheads we do have to maintain
  • Keeping our most expensive asset, our lawyers, focused on doing the legal work they’re trained to do
  • Maintaining exceptional levels of cash flow by billing monthly and collecting our fees by direct debit – on average our firm’s WIP is ‘locked in’ for no more than 30 days

Finally, we aim to deal with matters efficiently and with a high degree of senior involvement. In our view, that provides our clients with the best possible value for money and we think it’s a viable option for any business to access high quality support and legal advice.

Get In Touch

Call 0800 689 1700 to speak to one of our expert solicitors in an initial consultation (there’s no charge to find out if we can help you), or get in touch using the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Harper James Solicitors is a business name of Expert Business Advisors Limited and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.