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Key Facts

  • Corporate lawyers advise on company law, which means the legal matters concerning the ‘corporate entity’ itself and its formation, maintenance and dissolution.
  • Our corporate lawyers specialise in EMI share option schemes, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate venture capital for start ups and high-growth businesses, restructuring, and buying and selling companies or their assets.
  • Corporate law is different from, but related to, commercial law. Your business might need assistance across both areas.
  • Your business might also need advice about banking and finance law (like regulation, the Consumer Credit Act, due diligence, finance, debt and lending), which we can also provide.
  • Our corporate solicitors have all worked in top 100 firms or in-house at international practices.

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Regardless of transaction size, our corporate solicitors can provide you with effective and pragmatic corporate law advice within your budget and timeframe. Find out more by clicking on the headings below:

What We Do: Corporate Law Practice Areas

We offer a full range of corporate law services for businesses, including:

We focus on evaluating the issues that matter to you and use these to drive your corporate transactions.

Our corporate lawyers can also advise you on:

  • Corporate governance and compliance
  • Exits and disposals
  • Internal reorganisations, schemes and demergers
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Private equity and debt finance turnarounds
  • Restructuring

You can read our corporate law advice blogposts here:

Who We Help

We act for a wide variety of individuals and organisations, ranging from high-growth companies and start-ups, to investors, entrepreneurs and medium-sized enterprises.

Why Choose Our Corporate Lawyers?

Above all else, we can provide you with clear and practical advice for all of your corporate transactions. Our corporate lawyers have worked at some of the top law firms in the UK, as well as provided in-house counsel for large, international firms.

This experience means that our corporate lawyers can spot the signs when there is potential for negotiation and can offer expert advice for when there isn’t. This comes from having acted on different sides of corporate transactions for multiple clients.

Corporate Law FAQs

  • Is corporate law different to, or the same as, business law?
    Neither – one is part of the other. In the UK, corporate law is a branch of business law. Corporate law concerns the formation, governance and maintenance of businesses as legal entities.
  • What’s the difference between corporate law and commercial law?
    Corporate law concerns the lifecycle of a company, from formation to dissolution, and its people, such as shareholders, boards and employees. It can concern transactions in the company’s lifecycle, such as the forming of a new company through a sale, merger or acquisition, or attracting investors. Commercial law, however, is more concerned with how a business transacts with a third party, and as such deals mainly with contract laws and tort laws during the commercial cycle.
  • What experience do our corporate lawyers have?
    All of our corporate lawyers are experienced in the field of corporate law, having spent many years specialising in their field, and honing their craft at top 100 law firms. You can find out more about our current corporate team here.
  • Do I really need a specialist corporate solicitor or can I use a normal solicitor?
    It depends on what your business needs legal help with. Business law is fast-moving and very complex, and solicitors are obviously expensive – so it’s more cost-effective to instruct a specialist corporate lawyer who can get the job done correctly, quickly and effectively.

What Our Clients Say

“The corporate team at Harper James (are) adept at dealing with the variety of challenges facing early stage companies. They’re a trusted source for sound, sensible advice and practical deal management.” – Jill Shaw, CEO, Anvil Semiconductors

“Getting the right team of lawyers to support our emerging business was fundamental and the team at Harper James are always available to provide us with invaluable guidance and support.” – David Hodgson, CEO, Amalyst

“We use Harper James because they understand the venture capital sector we operate in, know our business inside out and are always on hand to assist us in any way we need.” – Doug Scott, CEO, Potential.co

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