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Data Protection & Privacy Law

As the owner of a growing business, we understand that you’ll place a great deal of importance in protecting your company data, as well as complying with strict regulations set by various governing bodies.

Our data protection solicitors can advise you on a range of matters related to data protection. From drafting agreements, to making sure you follow the guides set out in the Data Protection Act (1998).

With the General Data Protection Regulation coming into force in 2018, you should also consider your existing processes to make sure you comply with this new regulation.

What We Do

We’ve advised multiple businesses on their data protection requirements and drafted a range of documents to help manage these issues in the future.

We can provide an expert service, covering all data protection matters your business may come across, which includes explaining and dealing with:

  • Any registration processes
  • Complaints made to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)
  • Data breach issues
  • Your data processing agreements
  • Subject Access requests
  • Buying/selling databases
  • Data protection assessments and audits
  • Your existing and potential websites, including policies related to privacy, terms of use and cookies
  • Data protection issues outside of Europe, that can be deemed without “an adequate level of protection” e.g. USA and others
  • Contractual agreements and data protection clauses to protect your business

Why Choose Our Data Protection Solicitors?

As a business owner, you’ll be aware that the regulations surrounding your data is coming under an increasing amount of scrutiny. You can expect strict rules and expensive fines for failing to comply with guidelines set by data regulators such as the ICO.

Our data protection solicitors promise to work with you and provide clear, jargon-free advice that allows you to manage your business while complying with various data protection rules.

With the regulation of personal data coming under increasing scrutiny, organisations can expect tighter rules and higher fines for non-compliance. In this technical area, we provide clear commercial advice that allows you to manage conduct your business effectively, while remaining compliant.

The law around data protection is constantly adapting and changing, so we’ll also advise you on an ongoing basis regarding any new legislation or laws being introduced that could have an impact on your business.

What Our Clients Say

“Choosing Harper James was one of the best choices we made. They’re an invaluable source of advice and support.” – Leigh Purnell, CEO, Petalite Limited

“My colleagues and I have worked closely with Harper James and have found them to be adept at dealing with the variety of challenges facing early stage companies. They are a trusted source for sound, sensible advice.” – Jill Shaw, CEO, Anvil Semiconductors

“Harper James have become a vital part of our business. We get quality advice from experienced solicitors at prices that other firms do not appear to be able to match.” – Veejay Lingiah, CEO, Flash Sticks

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