Intellectual Property

Protect, exploit and defend your intellectual property with strategic legal advice tailored to your business

We’ll help you identify the best way to protect, exploit and manage your intellectual property (IP) portfolio and shape the most profitable strategy for your business. Whatever stage you’re at – our IP solicitors help commercialise your intellectual property so that you take full advantage of your most valuable business assets.

Intellectual Property Solicitors

Support with every aspect of your business’s intellectual property

Our IP solicitors support your business every step of the way, from audits, drafting paper work, creating a strategy to achieve your business goals to managing your intellectual property portfolio, responding to challenges, and even offering training to support success.

Our IP solicitors can offer you tailored and comprehensive support with:

  • IP audits– a comprehensive IP audit will help you understand what IP you own, what steps you need to take to protect it and how you can commercially exploit it, unlocking value in your business.
  • IP strategy– our IP solicitors take a holistic approach to help you identify a strategy that ties in with your broader business goals, capitalises on your existing IP, assists you in meeting your commercial objectives, and supports expansion in the UK and further afield.
  • IP dispute resolution– our expert negotiators will guide you through your IP dispute, using methods of alternative dispute resolution where appropriate to help manage your costs. When litigation is necessary, we make full use of the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) and its cost-effective and streamlined procedure to get you the best possible outcome.
  • IP licensing– licensing in or out, nationally and across borders, supports new routes to market and revenue generation. Licensing in enables you to make the most of third-party innovations, reduces your risk when expanding into new territories, and saves you time and money. Our IP solicitors can also assist with intra-group licensing and other sub-licensing arrangements, including in the context of franchising.
  • IP clauses – we can advise and draft clauses in contracts on how employees and 3rd parties can use your IP and make it clear who owns your IP. This can include clauses in contracts of employment, commercial contracts and agreements, and corporate documents
  • IP agreements – our IP solicitors are skilled in drafting a wide range of clear and concise IP agreements, from simple NDAs to complex R&D agreements. Having well-drafted agreements in place helps protect your interests, provides certainty and reduces risk.
  • IP registrations – we will identify which aspects of your IP may be registered and support you with making registration applications, including patents, trade marks, designs and utility models. We can also help you maintain your registrations by monitoring the status of your registrations and submitting timely renewals.
  • Unregistered IP rights – our IP solicitors will help you identify and understand what unregistered IP rights you may have, including copyright and unregistered design rights, and how to protect and defend these rights.

Intellectual Property Services

Our intellectual property solicitors can support you with:

We’ll identify trade mark opportunities that will help distinguish your business.  We will deal with the registration, renewal and assignment processes of your Trade Mark. We will also manage your Trade Mark portfolio making sure any opposition, trade mark disputes or infringements that arise are handled efficiently to protect your reputation and brand.

Trade mark service

You need the right tools to protect your assets, inventions, design, research and developments. Get legal advice from our IP solicitors who will advise you through each step of the process: application, examination, publication, opposition, and registration of your patents.

Patent management services

Get the legal knowledge required to avoid infringement and the means to protect your own copyright works. Our IP solicitors will also help you commercialise your work, using licensing or assignment of copyright to get more from your intellectual property.

Copyright services

Your designs are in safe hands with our team of expert IP solicitors. By putting preventative measures in place, we can help stop the competition taking advantage and advise on any enforcement or opposition if required.

Design rights

When you need to protect an invention fast, our IP solicitors can help you explore the option of utility models to keep you ahead of the curve. With the right IP legal advice, you’ll be able to police your innovations and make sure they’re sufficiently safeguarded.

Utility models

What are the benefits of actively managing your intellectual property portfolio?

Know your portfolio to refine your strategy and maximise your benefits 

Understanding what IP you have in your portfolio will help you take the right steps to protect your IP assets and ensure that you unlock your portfolio’s potential to maximise your profits.

Utilise third party IP to save time and money 

Identifying where you could tap into existing third-party IP will help you reduce the amount of time and money spent on research and development and get you to market quicker.

Improve your ability to move into other markets 

Taking advantage of licensing arrangements with third parties will give you the opportunity to break into territories and markets that would otherwise be challenging to get into.

Create new revenue streams  

Licensing your IP to other organisations is a great way to generate additional revenue.

Ensure your house is in order   

Registration of IP rights is one of the most effective ways of protecting your IP. We can advise you on what rights you can register and support you in completing and maintaining your registrations.

Clear concise IP agreements will protect your IP and investments 

Ensuring you have clear, concise and robust IP agreements in place will protect your IP, reduce your risk and ensure that you have the rights you need to use third-party IP in the way you envisage.   

Protect your IP

Using state of the art technology, we actively monitor third-party trade mark applications to prevent them from registering trade marks which are similar (or worse, identical) to yours.

Manage disputes effectively and efficiently   

Efficient and effective management of IP disputes will help save stress, time and money. We explore all available options to secure the best outcome possible for you.

Examples of our work

Intellectual Property advice for small businesses, SMEs, start-ups, spin-outs and large companies

Every single business utilises IP in some way and our IP lawyers support a broad range of UK-based clients in innovative businesses where the effective protection and utilisation of IP is crucial. We’ve worked with clients in creative industries, e-commerce, retail and luxury brands, life sciences and healthcare, manufacturing and engineering, IT, telecommunications, and emerging technologies. 

We advise clients of all shapes and sizes, from university spinouts and start-ups to SMEs and large multi-nationals. Whether you’re ready to start-up, scale up or exit, and whatever the nature of your business, we’re confident we can support you. 

Why choose our intellectual property solicitors?

Our IP solicitors can assist you with every aspect of managing your IP portfolio – from strategic analysis, licensing arrangements, trade marks and registrations to enforcing your rights and supporting you through dispute resolution.

We are experienced in identifying, protecting, exploiting and policing clients’ rights under extensive intellectual property portfolios. We take the time to get to know your business and understand every aspect of your portfolio. Our understanding of the investment and the venture capital sector is also second-to-none. We make sure you get the best IP protection and management that fits with your long-term strategic objectives.

Our IP solicitors have all been recruited from top 100 UK law firms, from large international businesses or trained and qualified within Harper James. All of our IP solicitors have advised clients both as external advisors and as in-house IP/brand management counsel. As such, we understand the commercial challenges that businesses are faced with day to day and don’t get caught up in the academics. We’ll gladly work alongside your in-house counsel as an extension of your team, work with your current IP solicitors or adopt a full-service approach if you prefer.

Pricing plans

Our three transparent pricing packages are designed to give you the widest possible access to high-quality legal advice, whatever the size and nature of your business:


Straightforward access to senior solicitors at a competitive rate.

An affordable solution for businesses needing one-off legal support. Receive ‘City’ partner-level expertise at a fraction of ‘City’ prices.


Have legal peace of mind for £189 per month with additional support from £125 per hour.

A monthly subscription legal support package specifically designed for start-ups and smaller businesses.


Providing you with priority access to a dedicated panel of highly experienced solicitors.

Fully account managed quarterly subscription service for businesses with more complex legal needs.

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